Table to workstation

Office Design Concept

Transformative Table to Workstation, perfect for any space

Transformative Table to Workstation

Office, or classroom design concept 

Custom design your own Table to Workstation

Custom designed Table to Workstation

Transforming Table to Workstation

Modern Edge - Custom deisgned Table to Workstation

Modern Edge - Custom Design

Modern Edge - Classroom Concept

Use the same space for an office by day and bedroom, or guestroom by night. 

Bed disappears without fuss in seconds (without even making it) while the flying desktop returns to a functional height, your forgotten soda from the night before remains undisturbed. Flip the bed back down for a quick nap. 

Perfect for dormitories, children's rooms, home office/ guest rooms, hotels and bed'n breakfasts. 

10x-30x value when consider cost / sq ft for space!





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